Warehouse Manager

Talent Insider
25 June 2024
Banten, Tangerang

About the Company:

Talent Insider is an upcoming HR Consultancy Service, founded in 2021. Our clients have been some of the leading brands in Indonesia, and this service continues to expand.
Registered in Singapore & Indonesia, we can assist with your growth plans and strategies, and continue to expand our regional presence with strong regional partners to assist our client in recruitment and branding strategy.

Job Description:

We're looking for a Warehouse Manager for one of our top clients growing E-commerce company. Check out the details below:

  1. Ensuring smooth operations across reception, storage, shipment, and becoming proficient in inventory management.
  2. Optimizing warehouse layout to maximize space utilization and streamline workflow.
  3. Maintaining accurate stock levels, ensuring no shortages or excess, and keeping the warehouse secure and efficient.
  4. Ensuring timely deliveries and maintaining high-quality standards for all goods.

Job Requirements:

  1. College degree in logistics or something similar is a bonus, but or related field preferred.!
  2. We need someone with at least 3 years rocking warehouses, especially those who are experts at optimizing giant ones.
  3. Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) and other software are like second nature to you.
  4. You're a master at planning and optimizing warehouse layouts.
  5. Keeping things organized and on schedule is your secret weapon.
  6. You can communicate clearly and lead a team like a champ. ️
  7. You thrive in fast-paced, high-pressure environments. You're basically built for this!
  8. Mandarin and Indonesian are a must, with a basic understanding of English being a plus.