Happiness Trainer (Psikolog)

Talent Insider
18 June 2024
Jakarta, Jakarta Utara

About the Company:

Talent Insider is an upcoming HR Consultancy Service, founded in 2021. Our clients have been some of the leading brands in Indonesia, and this service continues to expand.

Registered in Singapore & Indonesia, we can assist with your growth plans and strategies, and continue to expand our regional presence with strong regional partners to assist our client in recruitment and branding strategy.

Job Description:

  • Collaborate With Instructional Designers And Subject Matter Experts To Understand Learning Objectives And Content Requirements For E-learning Courses. Understand And Deliver Material That Has Been Prepared By The Talent Insider Team.
  • Provides Clear Explanations, Real-life Examples, And Practical Exercises To Help Participants Apply The Concept Of Happiness In Their Roles.
  • Presenting Information, Concepts And Instructions Through Clear And Interesting Presentations In Front Of The Camera.
  • Deliver Content Confidently, Articulately, And Engagingly While Maintaining A Professional And Approachable Attitude.
  • Use Effective Communication Techniques, Such As Voice Modulation, Body Language, And Eye Contact, To Increase Student Engagement And Understanding.
  • Perform Practical Demonstrations, Simulations, And Examples Illustrating Complex Concepts Or Procedures. Collaborate With Instructional Designers To Review Manuscripts, Provide Feedback, And Suggest Improvements For Clarity And Effectiveness.
  • Stay Ahead Of E-learning Trends, Video Production Techniques, And Instructional Design Best Practices.
  • Look For Opportunities To Improve Your On-camera Presentation Skills, Communication Techniques, And Subject Matter Knowledge.

Job Requirements:

  • Master's degree or higher in Psychology, Positive Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Counseling Psychology, or a closely related field from an accredited institution.
  • Specialized training or certification in Positive Psychology, Well-being Coaching, or related disciplines is highly desirable.
  • Minimum of 3-5 years of professional experience in a clinical or counseling setting, focusing on well-being, happiness.
  • Experience in designing and delivering workshops, training programs, or courses focused on personal development, stress management, or happiness enhancement.
  • Licensed or certified to practice psychology or counseling in the relevant jurisdiction.
  • Additional certifications in coaching or positive psychology are advantageous.
  • Deep understanding of psychological theories and practices related to well-being, happiness.
  • Strong public speaking and presentation skills, capable of conveying complex psychological concepts in an accessible manner.
  • Experience with various training modalities, including in-person, offline, and hybrid formats.